Ramadan Umrah Packages


To perform Umrah during the Holy month of Ramadan is believed to be one of the Holiest forms of prayer which a Muslim can do. Allowed to be performed whenever a Muslim can in a year, Umrah has been the most preferred Holy trip for many Muslims throughout the history. Though a little different than Hajj, which is to be performed on specified dates as proposed by the Islamic Laws. Umrah is cheaper and easier to perform. Since one can choose the dates and times of his own preference. However, Umrah performed during the Holy month of Ramadan has more significance for Muslim than other times because every prayer performed gets rewarded double by the Almighty ALLAH.

Why our Ramadan Umrah Packages are Best?

During the Holy month of Ramadan, there is always a huge crowd in the Holy cities of Makkah & Madina. Pilgrims from around the World are visiting to perform Umrah & thus it is considered to be the peak season. Prices for Flight Tickets & Hotel Reservations are also high in the month of Ramadan. But by traveling through Mina Tours, you don’t have to worry about it at all. We have brought the best Ramadan Umrah deals for our valuable customers in the UK. Our pocket-friendly cheap Umrah packages will also help you save a good amount which you can utilize during your trip to the Holy cities.

What’s special about Ramadan Umrah Packages by Mina Tours?

You will be getting these facilities for families or individuals in our Ramadan Umrah Packages;

  • Ramadan Umrah Visa.
  • Personal Family Conveyance.
  • Umrah Return Flights (Direct flights can also be arranged upon request).
  • Full round transportation in KSA.
  • Independent food management.
  • Accommodation.
  • Ziarat in Makkah.
  • Ziarat in Madina.
  • Assistance from staff in KSA during your stay.

Our expert travel consultants will help you planning your trip & making the right choice in choosing the best Ramadan Umrah package. Our Highly professional customer support will always be there for your assistance throughout the pilgrimage & all the information regarding the complete Ramadan Umrah procedure, dos & don’ts & laws will be provided prior your trip. We believe in quality & always striving to make sure that our customers are satisfied fully with our services & their trip to the Home of Almighty ALLAH is hassle-free & most convenient.

Useful Tips for Umrah in Ramadan

Since the month of Ramadan is fully crowded in Makkah & Madina, we advise our pilgrims to carry essential items only, as it will make their luggage less heavy & convenient to carry around.

Also when going for the prayers or ziarat it is better to decide a meeting point beforehand in case of getting lost or separated.

If you’re planning for Ramadan Umrah alone or with family, we advise you to book with us well in advance because of the religious significance of Umrah in the auspicious month of Ramadan, our Ramadan Umrah Packages get booked faster.

Choose from our offered Ramadan Umrah packages, or call +44 (0)207 112 8030 for further assistance.