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Hajj 2023 Packages

2 Week 5* Non-Shifting Hajj Package:

Hajj Package 2023

Dates are Provisional*.

This is the perfect short stay package if you cannot get much time off work or are leaving young children behind, allowing you to perform your Umrah and Hajj in a complete manner.

3 Week 5* Shifting Hajj Package:

Hajj Package 2023

Dates are Provisional*.

Probably our most hassle free package involving the least amount of moving between hotels. We’re confident that this package will go from strength to strength.

4 Week 5* Shifting Hajj Package:

Hajj Package 2023

Dates are Provisional*.

If you're looking for a relaxed package that allows you to perform Hajj with the maximum time away, then this is the package for you.

Experience What Matters

With us you get:

European Area In Mina

We accommodate all our pilgrims in the European area in Mina with comfortable air-conditioned Tents.

During the days of the rites of Hajj, the majority of time will be spent in the tents in Mina where you will eat and sleep and then Visit the Jamarat on days after Arafat. The walk from the European area in Mina to the Jamarat is via air-conditioned walking tunnels which have travellators built-in.

Door-step Service

For our pilgrims, transportation to the various Hajj sites is by Air-Conditioned Coaches, providing comfortable transport.

One of the biggest challenges faced by the pilgrims is the transport to Arafat and Muzdalifah during the days of the Hajj rites. We make this journey as comfortable as possible by providing a door-step service. Rather than the Hujjaj walking miles to take the Makkah Metro Service, they are picked up and dropped back directly outside their Tents in Mina.

24/7 Assistance

From the moment you reach the airport in the UK to the time you return; you will be side by side with our experienced staff.

You won’t need to self-navigate. We have ample staff to accompany you through each stage of your journey. We will be your helpful guide, your navigation system and your helping hand in times of need.

Trusted Service

Our Hajj packages are carefully chosen using the best Hajj partners in the industry. We have one of the largest Hajj visa allocations in the UK.

We have some of the highest rates of referrals in the industry, most of our hajj packages are booked based on recommendations. With decades of experience and expertise, we are entrusted by the Hujjaj to provide honest and transparent advice on planning and booking the Hajj trip as well as the travel experience itself.

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