How to Find The Best Umrah Package

Umrah is the best thing that can happen to a Muslim man, woman, boy, or girl. Umrah is considered to be one of the holiest pilgrimage in Islam (After Hajj). Its surroundings and the beauty of purity with that spiritual essence of Makkah and Madinah. Umrah for most if not all proves to be one of the best life changing experience. It may sound like I am exaggerating, but this is not the case. I have heard so many beautiful stories about the place and the people, everyone together irrespective of race or religion. I am just hoping to get an affordable Umrah Package, so I can also be lucky enough to go and visit this holy place.

My grandparents once told me a story of how they went for Umrah and Hajj. The Umrah Packages were not such a luxury, but for those times, my grandfather says, it was a trip of a lifetime. The Umrah Package which they chose for their pilgrimage, took the pilgrims by the sea. And boy, oh boy was it not a beauty. All the people arriving at Karachi Port to start the Holy Journey. I wish there are this kind of Umrah Packages available nowadays.

Tough it was, back in the days. Though it is quite obvious people like my grandparents would have wished for an Umrah Package that would take them by an airplane. And if it is examined in respect of convenience and health wise, Planes are more than enough for the ships. Imagine an Umrah Package where you have to go by sea, in the ship with sea sickness getting up you head. It is not a healthy picture, indeed. But nowadays this all has changed, and for good if you ask me.

The Quality of Travel, the living standard of accommodations and how Makkah has become more convenient for people with disabilities and people with old age on their shoulders. With wheelchairs and designated pathway. All in all, Umrah Packages have become more healthy, safe, manageable and important.

Umrah Packages 2019 UK

Well, when I talk about Umrah Package 2019 UK. I talk about those specific Umrah Packages which are available to us now a days, be it the government offered or offered by private travel agencies. These packages range from £ 0 to thousands of dollars. It all depends on the package. And in case you are wondering what £ 0 is all about, well what I meant by £ 0 Umrah Package is the Umrah Packages offered by NGOs and Government as a sign of appreciation. And many £ 0 are provided by TV shows now a days. So, I guess I am right when I say £ 0. And well, thousands of dollars makes sense for a trip if someone is taking their whole family together and has bought a luxury Umrah Package. So it can cross £ 1000 in no second.

I for all, personally think that the cheaper the Umrah Package is the better experience will be. You know, all the roaming around the streets of Makkah or Madinah and observe the land where Islam started and spread all over the world. How beautiful it will be by experiencing it firsthand rather than just cross through the streets in a car. The essence of pilgrimage should be kept, but in the end this is my personal opinion for an Umrah Package. If someone has enough to afford better, it is their choice. It is completely understandable.

Where to find the best Umrah Package?

Well, best in the sentence above is subjective. What is best for you and what is best for someone else can be completely different. However, if you mean cheap Umrah Package being offered by an agency in comparison of not-so-cheap Umrah Packages offered by agencies then I might have an answer to our question.

Mina Tours is the answer to your question, it is really nice and certainly affordable. With Umrah Package rates cheaper than the other in the market, and better when it comes to the quality of the tour. Along with Umrah package, Minatours also caters Hajj Packages and provide consultation on Umrah Visa and as well as Hajj Visa. Make sure you pay them, or their website a visit.