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How to Acquire Umrah Visa in 2019?

How to Acquire Umrah Visa in 2019?

How to get an Umrah Visa in 2019?

Getting or acquiring an Umrah Visa in 2019 depends on the Saudi government if they grant an individual or a group of applicants an umrah visa or not. However, what is in an individual’s control and individual’s country’s provision is that he can follow all the rules, terms and conditions and the documentation that is required.

Here is an article to provide you with information on how to get Umrah Visa.

Eligibility and required documents for Umrah Visa

There is no eligibility criteria as such, however, your or your family members’ eligibility is dependent on the documents you submit, and other factors as well. Let us go through the documentation part first.

Documents required for Umrah Visa in 2019

  • Four passport size photographs (which are usually 4×6 pixel at 300 dpi). The background should be blue and for female members or pilgrims a scarf is required as per rules of Saudi Arabia.
  • National Identity Card or Social Security number must be submitted. A copy, not the original one, however some may require to have attested by a government official. But that varies.
  • Passport should be valid for at least 8 months, and the minimum blank pages required is 2.
  • If an individual is under 18, his or her birth certificate or B Form must be submitted.
  • It is important for the government of any country to make sure the applicant has no viral disease, hence, it is also required to submit a health certificate that proves you recently have been through a medical examination and clean of any viral disease. The medical examination should be taken within 6 months.

So, this the documentation and legal part of the umrah visa process. Now let have the sneak peek into the procedures.

Procedure for Umrah Visa

After filling out the form and attaching the required documents an applicant hands it over to the agency from where the application form is taken. And then it is the agency’s responsibility to forward it further to a recognized agency in Saudi Arabia. Which will then forward these documents to the ministry of Hajj for approval. Once approved, the agency will inform the customers about dates and the departure.

Point being, that after you are done with completing the visa documents and filling out application forms, it is solely your travel agency’s responsibility to complete the remain procedure and book or arrange all the tickets for boarding, hotels for accommodation, transport for customers in Makkah and Madinah, depending on the Umrah Package one has taken.

Best agency for Cheap Umrah Visa

Well, as far as my research goes, I have visited certainly a huge number of agencies, local or international. Well, I visited the international agency’s website to be honest, but it does counts right? So, for Umrah visa, one must also find and search for an agency that is capable of doing what it promises, be it a local travel program or Umrah Visa for all that matters. If I am going to Umrah, I am going to make sure my Umrah visa is in good hands. Because the umrah visa is something you can take risk on. There is the time when little mistakes cost a year to people applying for umrah visa. So, it should be with an agency which will take full responsibility and guarantee for the Umrah visa to be accepted.

Besides there isn’t much an individual can do to apply and get Umrah visa personally. However what an individual can do is to choose the best travel agency, and best here is not subjective. Best means an agency which will take responsibility for Umrah visa and as well as makes sure you get the best and smoothest experience for your Umrah.

Anyways, after loads of research, I found minatours, an agency based in London, England. It offers the cheapest Umrah Packages and best advice and consultation on Umrah visa. After consulting them twice or maybe thrice, I was sure enough that minatours will be my companion for Umrah. And hence I started arranging the documents required for Umrah Visa and hoped for the best. I in my heart knew that my and my family’s Umrah Visa will be accepted. So I didn’t worry much. I just waited and well, I am happy with the results. Make sure you visit Minatours office or their website for in-depth information. Thank you.