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About Us

Who We Are?

Mina Tours was established in 2016 with a view to streamling and simplifying the sometimes very complicated Hajj and Umrah industry. Our clever technology enables us to compare a wide network of travel suppliers, airlines and hotels to create great value Hajj and Umrah packages to suit your requirements. As a travel company with over two decades of experience specialising in Hajj and Umrah packages, we have the expertise to provide you with independent and transparent advice for the blessed journey of Hajj or Umrah. Over the years we have facilitated trips for literally thousands of clients and as a result of excellent feedback from our clients we have built a very good reputation in the industry. In addition to our Hajj and Umrah offerings, we can also arrange “halal” holidays to Spain, Turkey, Morocco and Jordan as well as guided tours to Masjid Al-aqsa.

Why Customers Prefer MinaTours.co.uk?

As experts in Hajj, Umrah and Islamic tours, our travel consultants will offer you honest and transparent advice on planning and booking your trip as well as the travel experience itself.

By the grace of Allah, our focus is on ensuring that our pilgrims are facilitated to the best of our abilities during their Hajj and Umrah pilgrimage, but we will never over promise and under deliver, we would rather be honest and where there is doubt under promise and over deliver. The Hajj and Umrah pilgrimage is not like any other holiday and therefore we believe that a bespoke, one to one transparent service will ensure that the customers expectations are clear.

We have a wide range of Hajj and Umrah deals from budget to luxury and we will be clear when something is budget and when something is luxury. We have come across too many companies who will for example promise that a hotel is 5 minutes walk from the main mosque in Makkah or Madinah when in reality the walk is more like 15 minutes. We believe it is better telling a customer the hotel is a 15 minute walk and the customer being delighted when they can do the walk in 10 minutes. Honesty and transparency is the key at minatours.co.uk.

Our Customer Care Facilities

Our travel consultants will support you through planning and booking your trip as well as through your pilgrimage. We can help troubleshoot any issues facing our pilgrims, from health issues to adjusting itineraries to adding transport or sightseeing. We will have male and female medics/ guides/ staff available with all of our Hajj tours. Please call us on +44 (0) 2080902756 if you are facing any issues while on pilgrimage. We will also provide you with WhatsApp contacts while you are on tour to help with any immediate issues or answer any questions.

We look forward to exceeding your expectations soon!